Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars

Dr. Crozier has hosted radio and lectures at MAX International, Stem Cell Fellowships and others...

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Educational Seminars

Dr. Gordon Crozier

Dr. Gordon Crozier is widely recognized as a leading physician in the area of integrative medical treatments and services. A board certified physician in the State of Florida, he has also practiced in the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, hormone replacement, and women’s health. Today, he is recognized as a leader in the research and application of integrative medicine. Patients from around the world seek his medical advice and treatments.

Dr. Crozier’s integrative medicine is more than technical and research. His own journey through disease and sickness lead him to seek-out better ways to treat chronic conditions. At a young age, he suffered a tick-bite and he experienced mold toxicity, both of which caused him considerable sickness – even hospitalization. Traditional medicine was unable to help. Dr. Crozier began to find healing through integrative medicine and today he is healthy and thrives! His passion is to help patients find the same kind of health and healing, by dealing with the ROOT of the problem and not just symptoms.

Find the ROOT of the problem, not just the symptoms!


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