Stem Cell

Stem cell treatment is used for joint and ligament pain or injury, and also to treat a variety of other chronic pain issues and conditions. Stem cell therapy is a type of treatment option that uses a patient’s own stem cells to help repair damaged tissue and repair injuries. It’s usually performed relatively quickly through injections, and is a simple outpatient or in office procedure.

Stem cells are usually taken from one of two areas in the patient’s body: bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue in their upper thigh/abdomen. Once stem cells from removed from one of these locations, they are placed in a “centrifuge machine” that spins them very quickly and concentrates the cells that are most valuable. The sample of concentrated stem cells is then injected directly into the patient’s affected, painful area− allowing the cells’ growth factors to go to work immediately, building new skin cells, connective tissue and so on.


This type of treatment has also been found to help:

• Speed up the length of time it takes for injuries or wounds to heal

• Reduce pain, including chronic join pain, with less need for medications.

• Increase functionality, range of motion, flexibility and sleep quality.

• Reduce muscle compensations and risk for future injuries

• Decrease nerve damage.

• Help generate new heart and blood vessel tissue.


Recent progress in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s and other autoimmune disorders show that transplanted adult stem cells can be used to form new brain cells, neurons and synapses following cognitive degeneration or brain injuries. Current findings show that stem cells can improve synaptic circuits, optimize functional recovery, offer relief from degeneration symptoms, slow down disease progression and potentially even more.


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